Thursday, August 30, 2012

Trail run with no killer bugs = Success!

Last night after work, Luke and I went on a wonderful trail run in the state park. We avoided the half of the trail with those attack bugs and fortunately made it through 4 miles unmolested... other than me jamming my foot pretty bad against a giant rock, ouch!

He is the best running partner - so lucky to have such a great hubby :) He knows when to push me, knows when to back off, and knows when to ignore me when I'm getting overheated and cranky lol. We had a good pace - 12 min/miles which is faster than we usually make it through the woods so I'm excited about that. It was a nice push and enjoyable 90% of the way!

My VFFs felt great for the whole run (again, other than that rock incident... still feeling the pain of that today, yikes!). My calf is a little sore today but just the main muscle, not the tendon that has been having issues lately, so no complaints here. They feel fantastic on the trails, uphill, downhill, jumping over or stepping on roots and rocks... love them!

We are hoping to get in another 5k or 4 miler on Friday after work... not sure if I will use these or my regular running shoes. My Mizuno Wave Inspire 8's are great on the trails and road... but the inserts I got from my doctor are a little too short and are giving me a blister on my second toe. Not sure what to do about that... we have 4 weeks of training left before our 1/2 marathon and I REALLY don't want that blister to stick around! We shall see... taking a break today since I ran 3 days in a row so far this week, plus we are just busy so a good excuse to take a rest day :)

I found a new favorite running blogger the other day - Vanessa Runs - she runs ultras and is my new idol :) Check her out if you are in the mood for a good read about REALLY long runs! While I have no desire to live out of an RV and sell all my worldly posessions... I do love her theories on living more simply, living for experiences, and appreciate all of her running advice. She said it took her 3 years between her first 1/2 marathon and first Ultra... and then she ran 14 ultras that year! INSANE but awesome haha.

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