Thursday, September 6, 2012

ANOTHER 5k PR and lots of training rambles...

Last week I played a little too much with my VFFs on the trail for a 4mile run and my right calf was sooooooooooo tight I ended up taking 4 days off of running. Partially laziness too tho – I could have run after only 2 days off but o well ;-)

So Monday we decided we needed to run since it is a holiday and we had time and didn’t run on Saturday because we went to the beach (more on that later!). However, the weather didn’t want to cooperate and it poured BUCKETS for HOURS! Of course it decided to wait to rain until we’d already gotten up early, gotten ready, and drove 20 minutes to the park. Annoying! So we went shopping, went out to lunch, took a nap… and then went on an evening run. Do you know how much I HATE evening runs? Well, if you don’t, let me tell you… it is A LOT! However, we had a great run and did 5.5 miles in an hour which was really good for me considering it was so humid I was dripping and we even did some hills.

Apparently taking 4 days off to recover and be lazy and then doing a good 5.5 miler with hills didn’t agree with my IT Band/Knee because ouch was that uncomfortable on Tuesday morning when I went to run! Enter freakout mode… the race is only 4 weeks away!! I rolled a lot, iced it, rolled a lot more in the evening and the next day… brought my roller to work… and magically I ran 2.5 miles on the treadmill without any issues. I rolled more yesterday, and today, and just did an awesome 5k on the treadmill, no issues then either. Sooooooooo I think I’m ok… stepping out of freakout mode, for now anyway.

So let’s talk about that 5k I did today tho. I didn’t walk, not even once, not even for a few seconds, and I set a new treadmill PR!! 30:16 … wooooooo hooooo for me! That was my fastest 3 miles ever too, I almost stopped there but I knew I could push the pace for .2 more for a new PR so I did ;-) My goal is to hit a 30 minute PR and then work on getting my outside time down to that as well. Little by little I will keep getting better if I can keep healthy and injury free.

We have 3 long runs left and then the race… 4 Saturdays including this coming one… I’m so nervous! I’m supposed to run 10.5 miles this Saturday too which has me super nervous because I don’t have a running buddy! Lukas is out of town, my 1 running friend has people in town, my other running friend will be out of town…. Ahhhhh! I may have a friend convinced that she should come ride her bike next to me while I run for 2 hours… we’ll see how that works out lol. It will be soooo hard to get myself motivated to get out of bed and get to the park and once I’m there omyheck it is going to be hard to run so far and so long by myself! Ahhhhhhhhh… ok… no freaking out lol. Honestly if I can get around 8 miles in I’ll be ok with that, but really… if I do 8, I can finish the extra lap and get my 10.5 in ;-)

After this long one we have around a 7 mile run planned the following weekend then a 5 miler and then the race. It will be hard to let myself taper down for a couple weeks but I’m sure the excitement of the race coming up will help. Just need to learn to cross train more and not worry about weekly mileage during our taper weeks.

4 more Saturdays… that is all that lies between me and a half marathon finishers medal… o buddy… I am so excited! Lol If my run goes well this Saturday I will go ahead and sign Lukas and I up for the race in PA. I hate waiting so long but after that weird knee pain on Tuesday, we decided to wait until I could run again and tried a long run again just to make sure everything is ok. Wish me luck!!

(Ps. I owe you some vacation and beach posts and photos… coming soon, I promise!!)

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