Thursday, August 28, 2008

DC we love you!

I am horrible at posting about things right after they happen... it always takes me a couple weeks to organize my free-time, even when lately I have had a ton of it! Apparently being lazy can take up an amazing amount of time! And now that we just moved and I have a ton of things to unpack and need to get prepared for school starting on Tuesday, I seem to have found the time to blog... hmmmm

Anyway, so a couple of weekends ago Lukas and I took advantage of a lovely sunny day and headed down to DC to go to the temple. As you can see it was a beautiful morning and we figured we should take advantage of the location and weather so we headed over to the DC Zoo to spend the afternoon. It was lots of fun and basically consisted of me running around saying " I want to pet the cute fuzzy animal! Lukey, can I have one?!" and Lukas just shaking his head and laughing at me. :-)
We were lucky and got to see one of the baby pandas as it was playing and chewing on things. Sooooo cute :-D
It was a great mini-trip for Lukas and I. Im so glad that we have the temple only 90 minutes away now and its pretty cool that we can couple that drive then with going to see something in DC since the zoo and museums are all free. We are certainly enjoying the benefits of being on the east coast for the next few years.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sunny-sandy good times!

Since we didn't go to NYC on Thursday we decided to go to Rehoboth Beach on Friday instead. We spent about 4 hours chilling in the sand and enjoying roasting in the sun. We went for a nice long walk along the beach which was nice... the breeze from the ocean was cool and refreshing after so much sun and we had fun searching for seashells in the waves. As always I ended up with sand in places I never really wanted to have sand but hey, i guess that is the price you pay :-p After we were sick of roasting, we took another walk, got some shells at the seashell shop and ate a bucket of greasy boardwalk fries. Definitely a lovely friday afternoon trip for sure :-D

Fun-filled week :)

Well this week turned out to be a lot of fun :) Monday (my 25th Birthday, yay!) we just chilled at home and then my mom took us out to dinner at Olive Garden. The food was super yummy and then they brought out a super chocolatey birthday cake and sang to me. That was pretty embarassing but mom was nice and asked them to keep it low-key so there were only 3 of them there singing.... the cake was amazingly good tho so it was totally worth it! hehe

Tuesday night we went to Philadelphia to the Franklin Museum to see the "Real Pirates" exhibit about a pirate ship they found off of Cape Cod and made the first exhibit with real pirate treasure. They even reconstructed what parts of the ship would look like and people could go in and explore them... it was pretty sweet! Afterwards there was a 3D movie of Sea Monsters which was fun... espec. as these giant fish kept zooming at the screen and with the 3D glasses it looked like they were going to eat us and Lukas kept ducking out of the way. It was his first 3D movie I think. Definitely a great birthday present from my mom :)

Wednesday I had a girl's night with my friends again which was nice... mostly just eating and talking but hey, what else does a group of girls need right? hehe.

Thursday we were supposed to go to NYC to the temple and a free Flogging Molly concert in the park but basically Im a huge wuss and was too scared and stressed out to drive in downtown NYC so we changed plans. We are going to go some other time when Lukas has his license because he is much better driving in big cities with lots of cranky traffic than I am.