Thursday, December 27, 2012

A few more running goals, just for fun ;-)

Disclaimer: I tend to obsess A LOT about running plans and goals when I'm not running and I haven't gone running since December 8th... 19 yea, I'm obsessing a bit haha.

Anyway... I did think of a few fun new running goals for 2013 this week:

1. Run 1000 miles (yes, I'm singing the song in my head as I type this!)

2. Over the top goal: Run 1500 miles!!
... not going to let myself count elliptical miles nor walking the dog. Just running - treadmill, track or trail - if I'm TRYING to run then it counts :)

3. 20 mile/week challenge - I want to see how many consecutive weeks I can run 20 miles or more.

Theoretically if I run 20 miles a week for the entire year, I will hit goal #1 - so we'll see how this goes. According to my marathon training plan, I should hit 20+ miles 18 out of 21 weeks between Jan and end of May ... so that is a pretty good way to keep myself on track for the first 5 months. I'll keep you updated ;-)

Anyone reading this have any good or funny goals they are striving for in 2013? Please share!! :)

Friday, December 21, 2012

2013 ~ Goal Review ~ 30 by 30 recap

30 Before 30 Bucket List - Progress Check:

Exercise Goals

1. Run a 5-k in 30 minutes or less - Already achieved this on the treadmill, still hoping for an outside PR of 30 or less tho!
2. Run a 10-k in 60 minutes or less
3. Run a half marathon in 2.5 hours or less
       Rehoboth Beach Seashore Half Marathon - 12/8/2012 - 2:26:40
4. Run a marathon in 5 hours or less
5. Meet my goal weight by 29th Birthday and stick to it for a year – unless I am preggers
         Don't worry about the # but focus on getting fitter and eating healthier!

Travel Goals

6. Go see another Broadway show with Lukas in NYC
       Wicked in DC
7. Go to French-speaking Canada
8. Go to Boston/Salem
9. Hike part of the Appalachian Trail
10. Beach vacation with Lukas
      5th Anniversary in Ocean City, MD - overnight at the beach, kayaking, swimming - good times :)

Crafting Goals

11. Free motion quilt a lap sized quilt
12. Learn to do needle turned applique
13. Finish a queen sized quilt for our bed
      Pinky has been deemed a bed quilt - she is queensized and beautiful :)
14. Sew a skirt
       Maxi skirt at Sewing Summit
15. Sew a shirt or dress

Misc. Creative Goals

16. Re-learn basic cords and notation on my guitar
17. Start Mandolin/Banjo lessons (still undecided which)
      Probably not going to happen due to time and $ constraints but still funny to see it was a goal ;-)
18. Take a dance class with Lukas
19. Learn to cook more recipes/meals
      Chili, Calzones, Enchillada Casserole, Corn chowder - good start so far!
20. Bake a YUMMY cheesecake – with a spring form pan (oooo fancy! ;-))
       Oreo cheesecake cupcakes in a cupcake pan, way better than springform ;-)

Personal Habits to establish/achieve
Totally failing here - need to work on this in 2013!

21. Read the BOM/Pearl of Great Price/Doctrine and Covenants beginning to end again
 July 28 2012 – July 28, 2013
22. Establish a habit of dedicated prayed morning and night – not a hurried “before I shower/fall asleep” prayer
23. Make Family Home Evening a priority with Lukas
24. Read scriptures once a day with Lukas
25. Attend the temple regularly


26. Move out of our 1 bedroom apartment
27. Learn to control my personal budget
28. Practice my French by speaking/reading/writing
29. Try something random/new/exciting!
30. Have an AWESOME birthday party :)

Outside of those above goals - some big family/personal goals for 2013 in general:

1. Run our first marathon - we had 2 great 1/2 marathons in 2012 and our sights are set on Memorial Day weekend 2013 for our first full! Stay tuned!

2. Start saving more - we are hoping to eventually grow our family (scary!!) and also want to eventually buy a house ~ prob. not feasible in 2013 but still good to start saving more for both!

I like having goals - gives me something to focus on and work towards. If I don't meet them all it is no big deal - just fun to see what my goals were the year before and see what, if anything, I achieved :)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Happy 33 to Lukas and a fun 1/2 marathon to boot :)

Last week was Lukas' birthday ~ he turned 33 on Thursday! His parents were able to schedule their annual USA trip to be able to be here to celebrate with him which was wonderful. We had so much going on - I think he had a great week of celebrating with people who love him :)

On Thursday we spent a liesurely morning at home and then went out for a late lunch to the Cheesecake Factory. Lukas is in love with their strawberry lemonade - as you can tell by this picture.

Good food, good company, and plety to drink made this a memorable birthday meal for him :)

Afterward we headed up to Longwood Gardens for a nice festive stroll checking out the lights and Christmas displays. There were lots of beautiful trees and flowers and the grounds were stunning with the light and fountain displays. Here are some of the highlights:

Us with Luke's mom

Luke's parents

Pink Poinsettas... who knew?! Love them!

Poinsetta tree

Fountain show to Christmas music

My favorite Christmas tree

Christmas dinner party ~ Longwood style :)

A couple years ago they had a music room where someone played on the piano and everyone sang Christmas carols. Luke was really looking forward to that part of the evening but alas, it was not scheduled on the day we went so that was a little disappointing. All in all tho, it was a lovely day celebrating the birth of my favorite person in the whole wide world :)

Friday we headed down to Rehoboth Beach ~ it was a little chilly for a swim in December but I decided to run in the freezing water up to my calves anyway. I can't resist the pull of the ocean... atleast at this beach where I've never seen a shark or jelly fish or any other creepy thing haha. We had a good time checking out the outlets and going to dinner with his parents and then relaxed at the hotel to prepare for our big morning.

Saturday Lukas and I ran the Rehoboth Seashore Half Marathon - our goal was 2:30 and we finished in 2:26:40. I'm very happy with the time ~ it was in the mid 50s and humid and my IT bands decided they hated me around mile 9 so we did pretty awesome all things considered. It was also a lot of fun to run somewhere new in a much bigger crowd this time - 2000 people between the 1/2 and full!

Pre-race in hotel room

Walking up to the starting line behind the huge crowd

Giving one last kick for the last .1 of the race

Heading into the home stretch (those are my pink socks sticking out behind Lukas haha)

Finished - alive and well - whooooo hoooo!! :)
The official race pictures are not up yet, I may have more to share when those are posted. It was fun having Lukas' parents waiting for us and cheering at the end - having fans helps you push on to the finish line instead of falling into a pile on the ground just before you get there lol. They had a good experience checking out the race atmosphere and cheering us on too which was nice.

The race was well organized and the course was fantastic. Water stations every 2 miles approx., beautiful route through downtown Rehoboth by all the big expensive beach houses and then on into Cape Henlopen State Park on a nice flat path that was just beautiful and inspiring to run on for 3/4 of the race. I absolutely want to come back and run this one next year - 1/2 or full marathon option!

I was pretty sick for the rest of the day ~ like someone please kill me type of sick ~ so that wasn't too fun. Fortunately Luke was fine so he drove us all 2 hours back home and they hung out without me while I tried to not keel over. Not a nice way to end our last day with his folks but sometimes that is just how the cookie crumbles :-/

It was a long fun-filled week and now everything is back to business as usual and Luke's parents are safe and sound at home in snowy Germany. Winter is still holding off here, glad we didn't have a white weekend but maybe we'll get lucky enough for a white Christmas afterall!

We are taking an easy recovery week so far. My IT bands are calming down a bit and Luke's hamstring is loosening up a bit so we might go for an easy 5k before work tomorrow. No plans or major training until an 11k on the trails in January and then marathon training begins!

... The New Jersey Libery Run on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend is our next target. We'll have 20 weeks after the 11k to get ready for that beast. I'm nervous, Luke is excited, and either way we are both on board this crazy new rollercoaster... wish us luck!

**This race supports charities for Hurricane Sandy victims and other clean-up projects along the Jersey Shore. As that is where Luke has been serving the past few Saturdays as a volunteer with the Mormon Helping Hands organization through church, we thought that would be a meaningful race to participate in and a good cause for our race fees to be donated to. **