Thursday, December 27, 2012

A few more running goals, just for fun ;-)

Disclaimer: I tend to obsess A LOT about running plans and goals when I'm not running and I haven't gone running since December 8th... 19 yea, I'm obsessing a bit haha.

Anyway... I did think of a few fun new running goals for 2013 this week:

1. Run 1000 miles (yes, I'm singing the song in my head as I type this!)

2. Over the top goal: Run 1500 miles!!
... not going to let myself count elliptical miles nor walking the dog. Just running - treadmill, track or trail - if I'm TRYING to run then it counts :)

3. 20 mile/week challenge - I want to see how many consecutive weeks I can run 20 miles or more.

Theoretically if I run 20 miles a week for the entire year, I will hit goal #1 - so we'll see how this goes. According to my marathon training plan, I should hit 20+ miles 18 out of 21 weeks between Jan and end of May ... so that is a pretty good way to keep myself on track for the first 5 months. I'll keep you updated ;-)

Anyone reading this have any good or funny goals they are striving for in 2013? Please share!! :)

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