Friday, December 21, 2012

2013 ~ Goal Review ~ 30 by 30 recap

30 Before 30 Bucket List - Progress Check:

Exercise Goals

1. Run a 5-k in 30 minutes or less - Already achieved this on the treadmill, still hoping for an outside PR of 30 or less tho!
2. Run a 10-k in 60 minutes or less
3. Run a half marathon in 2.5 hours or less
       Rehoboth Beach Seashore Half Marathon - 12/8/2012 - 2:26:40
4. Run a marathon in 5 hours or less
5. Meet my goal weight by 29th Birthday and stick to it for a year – unless I am preggers
         Don't worry about the # but focus on getting fitter and eating healthier!

Travel Goals

6. Go see another Broadway show with Lukas in NYC
       Wicked in DC
7. Go to French-speaking Canada
8. Go to Boston/Salem
9. Hike part of the Appalachian Trail
10. Beach vacation with Lukas
      5th Anniversary in Ocean City, MD - overnight at the beach, kayaking, swimming - good times :)

Crafting Goals

11. Free motion quilt a lap sized quilt
12. Learn to do needle turned applique
13. Finish a queen sized quilt for our bed
      Pinky has been deemed a bed quilt - she is queensized and beautiful :)
14. Sew a skirt
       Maxi skirt at Sewing Summit
15. Sew a shirt or dress

Misc. Creative Goals

16. Re-learn basic cords and notation on my guitar
17. Start Mandolin/Banjo lessons (still undecided which)
      Probably not going to happen due to time and $ constraints but still funny to see it was a goal ;-)
18. Take a dance class with Lukas
19. Learn to cook more recipes/meals
      Chili, Calzones, Enchillada Casserole, Corn chowder - good start so far!
20. Bake a YUMMY cheesecake – with a spring form pan (oooo fancy! ;-))
       Oreo cheesecake cupcakes in a cupcake pan, way better than springform ;-)

Personal Habits to establish/achieve
Totally failing here - need to work on this in 2013!

21. Read the BOM/Pearl of Great Price/Doctrine and Covenants beginning to end again
 July 28 2012 – July 28, 2013
22. Establish a habit of dedicated prayed morning and night – not a hurried “before I shower/fall asleep” prayer
23. Make Family Home Evening a priority with Lukas
24. Read scriptures once a day with Lukas
25. Attend the temple regularly


26. Move out of our 1 bedroom apartment
27. Learn to control my personal budget
28. Practice my French by speaking/reading/writing
29. Try something random/new/exciting!
30. Have an AWESOME birthday party :)

Outside of those above goals - some big family/personal goals for 2013 in general:

1. Run our first marathon - we had 2 great 1/2 marathons in 2012 and our sights are set on Memorial Day weekend 2013 for our first full! Stay tuned!

2. Start saving more - we are hoping to eventually grow our family (scary!!) and also want to eventually buy a house ~ prob. not feasible in 2013 but still good to start saving more for both!

I like having goals - gives me something to focus on and work towards. If I don't meet them all it is no big deal - just fun to see what my goals were the year before and see what, if anything, I achieved :)

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