Friday, January 3, 2014

Goodbye 2013 - Hello 2014!

I just looked over my 30 by 30 goals and 2013 running goals and all I can say is wow… 2013 turned out to be WAY different than I ever could have imagined!

Running goals were killed by being injured/recovering for the first half of the year and pregnant for the second half of the year. No races, but I did hit some new treadmill PRs and also got down to my goal weight by my 30th birthday so it wasn't a total bust. Not even going to mention how slow I waddle now on the treadmill with my 28 week pregnant belly, nor how high up the scale has gone since that 30th birthday weigh-in tho ;-)

Lukas got an awesome new job and we had big plans for a 6 year anniversary “belated honeymoon” trip and saving up money to get ready to buy a house in a few years. That big trip turned into a partially good and partially disappointing trip to Quebec. Saving up money to buy a house turned into paying off our car and one of my small school loans before we have a baby next year, both very good things.  More than anything, I am super grateful for that new job and the peace of mind it gave us when we found out that I was pregnant.

So maybe I didn't hit the majority of my goals for 2013 but there were lots of good things that came out of last year, most especially getting pregnant with Henry, so I truly cannot complain. Goals are good to have but I don’t let myself get down about not meeting them – they keep me motivated, even if I end up using that motivation to accomplish other good things instead.

To say goodbye to 2013 we had a great New Year’s Eve party with our friends the Werrett’s. The festivities included good friends, our raclette grill, lots of yummy food, and a crazy playoff of games consisting of kitchen bowling, 3d connect four, and racing remote control cars to name a few things.

And now on to 2014 and all the craziness it will bring with it!

Do I have goals for this year? Of course J
  1.  Save money to prepare for Henry
  2.  Give birth to a healthy baby Henry Lukas at the end of March/early April
  3.  Figure out how the heck to take care of a baby and enjoy/survive all the joys and trials that will come with it – with the support of my wonderful husband Lukas J
  4.  Lose the baby weight and get back into running – with hopefully at least one half marathon by the end of the year

… and that’s about it. 2014 will be the year of Henry and will bring a lot of change to our little one fish, two fish, dog fish lives. Can’t say I’m ready, can’t say I’m ALWAYS excited about it… but it is coming and I’ll let you know how it goes along the way.

Happy New Year everyone! Here’s to a healthy and happy 2014!