Tuesday, July 19, 2011

To the zoo!

A few highlights from our trip to the Philadelphia Zoo

My zoopass which we bought last year for my birthday expires at the end of the month so we made the most of our list trip there - including another camel ride for me, woo hoo :)

He looks so snuggly! :)

Baby Giraffe on the left - born last summer

Crazy wild animals ;-)

Awww, even cheetahs like to groom and snuggle :)

Awesome... what more can I say?

And then I rode off into the sunset on my camel

Playtime in the kitty-pool

Caution - she may bite!

The Philadelphia Zoo - apparently America's 1st zoo

Luke's been working out :)

Back home again in Indiana...

Over the 4th of July weekend we made our annual trip back home to Indiana. It was filled with family, friends, and lots of fun - here are some highlights:

A quick stop in Kirtland, OH to see the first LDS Temple ever built (no longer owned by the church) - the tour was fantastic!

Next stop - Dad's house - more specifically his pool :)

Luke ofcourse got his chance to mow the lawn ... less grass ended up in the pool this year, thank goodness ;-)

Our good friends Molly and Nic Subtirelu got married in Muncie that weekend as well so we went down to see them - a few highlights from the wedding:

A beautiful wedding, a wonderful time with our family and friends, and a nice little side trip for church history... can't ask for much more on a lovely 4th of July weekend :)