Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A couple more days ... I'm freaking out!! lol

O man... I can't believe I am only 3 days away from my first half-marathon - aka my first race EVER!

We were super lazy last week and out of town for a couple days over the weekend so I only ran once... maybe not the smartest idea so close to the race but that is life :).

Monday we ran 4.4 miles but I was having some issues with that nagging pain on the side of my right knee. It comes and goes - even if I run the same path at the same speed, sometimes it hurts... sometimes it doesnt. Ahhhhhhhh! Worrying about knee pain along with general excitement/nervousness had me a little stressed during my run yesterday so I only ended up doing 2.3 miles on the treadmill. Im taking it easy today and cross training and will do a nice easy jog/walk session with my co-worker tomorrow.

Friday will be a total rest day other than stretching and we will head up to the packet pick up after work. Hopefully seeing the course will help ease my mind instead of get me super freaked out about the hills we'll be dragging ourselves up and down for 2.5 hours haha.

So close... trying not to freak out and just be excited :)

1. finish
2. don't get hurt
3. have fun
4. 2h30min time goal if weather and knee are perfect but I'm ok with missing that and am just focusing on the first 3 goals really - this one can wait for my next and hopefully flatter race :)

So grateful for being mostly injury freel this past 6 months of training and sooooo grateful to my wonderful husband for sticking with me through all our training runs, putting up with my obsessing and my crankiness, and his willingness to run with me the whole race even tho he is A LOT faster than I am.

Keep your fingers crossed for us - Saturday we officially become half-marathoners and I can finally put that 13.1 magnet on my car! lol

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