Monday, August 27, 2012

Taken down by a bug!

O... my.... heck! The bugs at White Clay Creek State Park are out to get me!

Friday Lukas and I went jogging in the park and at one point a big black bug with several legs not only landed on an outstretched finger - it felt like it was grabbing it with all those little legs wrapped around it! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh is what I yelled and freaked Luke out pretty bad.

I should have know this was the start of something and avoided the woods but stupid me went back on Saturday morning. This time the Ahhhhhhhhhh was louder as I slowed down to let Luke pass me and something jumped on my ankle and started stabbing me! I looked down and a big black wasp was holding on to me and stabbed me again. I screamed like a banshee a second time and shook it off and ran to Lukas in tears. I know, I am a big wuss, but it really hurt and absolutely freaked me out :(

We were only 1 mile into what should have been a 3-5 mile train run so I was pretty bummed about that. It hurt pretty bad for a bit, not "bad' like a broken leg but still - owww. It was swelling up pretty fast too and I think a smaller wasp got me on the back of the calf because that swelled up too. I limped back the way we had came (after running by the wasp nest where the scary black thing was probably hanging out) and got some meds at the pharmacy. The swelling and pain went away pretty fast - thank goodness I'm not allergic - but our Saturday run was already ruined.

No clue what that big black thing was - some kind of giant wasp I guess - but man I hope I never meet it again!

I love love LOVE trail running but now I'm a little scared of that part of our trail. Maybe I'll stick to the other half of the trail for a while and see if someone else clears out that half of the loop later on :-/ Honestly, next time I just need to bring cream with incase something like this happens ever again and now that I know I'm not alergic, I could probably just put on some cream and keep going next time. Lesson learned and medicine purchased!

Rainy weather ruined our beach day we'd had planned, a evil monster bug ruined our trail run... but we still had a great day going down to the temple in Washington, D.C. and doing work for my ancestors so I guess I can't complain TOO much.

We only have 5 weeks until our half marathon - 4 more Saturday runs before the big day ... o man, FREAKING OUT a little inside... ok a lot! lol

We haven't been able to get much of a long run in the past couple of weeks - 7.5 on Friday the 17th was our longest in the past couple of weeks. If we are lucky enough to have a beach day this weekend we will probably do a 10 miler on Labor Day and then another on the following Saturday before we start tapering down. I know three 10 milers is enough to get ready for a half marathon but I just feel like we've backed off so much lately so I'm nervous. O well... I'll get back out there, ramp up the volume, and try not to get attacked by anything - small or large :-p

Just have to keep telling myself - you are ready, you can do this - I've done one 10.5 miler so the next 5 weeks are just bonus runs.... or something like that ;-) Keep your fingers crossed for us!

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