Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I'm a runner, trail runner, and ultrarunner in the making... and you can be too!

Did you go running today? Thinking about doing it again at least sometime this month ;-)? Then you are a runner too!

... but I don't run more than a couple miles a week
... but I'm so slow
... but I haven't run any races
... but I have to walk inbetween running intervals
... but but but


I don't care what some snobs write in their articles online and in print - a runner is anyone who runs - period - end of story - no other qualifications needed.

Sure I'm slow, some days I only run a 5k or less, some weeks I don't hit my 20+ mileage goal, I still need to walk every 10-15 minutes to keep from getting hurt and to let my lungs catch up to my ambitions... but I'm still a runner. I'm a runner today, I'll be a better runner tomorrow, and nothing anyone else says will change that.

I run trails and I LOVE it - that makes me a trail runner too. Pretty cool right? I sure think so :)

And one day, I'll be an ultrarunner.

Do something today to ensure that you will be a runner tomorrow. Do something today to ensure that you are one step closer to your goals tomorrow. Don't give up. Don't compare yourself to anyone but yourself. Just get out there - do it - and stop worrying about the rest.

A favorite quote I saw recently: "You can choose to be sore or you can choose to be sorry."

... I prefer sore over sorry.

So I ran a 5k on Monday, I ran a 5k on Tuesday, and I'm going to get back out there today too. Because I'm a runner. I'm a trail runner. And one day I'm going to be an ultrarunner.

Believe in what you ARE now, believe in what you WANT to be, and you can achieve it... in your own time, in your own way, and at your own pace.

Not a runner yet but want to become one? Well... the door is waiting, the street is waiting, your feet are waiting... get out there and do it!

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