Monday, June 10, 2013

Inspiration all around us...

I have a major case of the Mondays today, including some ill fitting cranky pants ~ not a good start to the week!

I am feeling sorry for myself because I was so busy doing fun stuff this weekend that I didn't get to my long to do list of things around the house, crafty obligations, etc. It was pouring rain this morning so I didn't get my workout in and I also start a new round of homework today which is going to keep me super busy throughout the week after work.

Whine whine whine... sad face... and then I had a chat with a co-worker:

He is working full-time 6am - 3pm, then he is going to school full-time on top of that. He also has a new baby at home and a wife who is finishing up her residency as a doctor and is super busy herself. He spends all weekend doing homework - Friday - Sunday and doesn't really have time for his little family, much less anything else.

Work, 1 online class and "not enough time for working out/sewing" doesn't really sound so bad now :-/ While it doesn't take away the fact that I truly am busy, it does help me keep things in perspective and stop feeling sorry for myself. He also inspired me to re-evaluate how I'm spending my time (Candy Crush Saga ring a bell? lol) so that I am more efficient and can maybe work in more things I SHOULD and WANT to do around the rest without stressing out and wanting to bite people.

Sometimes God changes our situations, other times He changes us. Today was one of those days where it was me that needed changed ~ more specifically my bad attitude.

So now I'm going to stop wanting to kick everyone at work, am looking forward to my last work lunch with Lukas, and ready to hit the books after work ~ and who knows, maybe I'll even have a little time for a workout or sewing if I avoid time-wasters like Facebook and Candy Crush all evening ;-)

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Millie Motts said...

Trust me. You get in BIG TROUBLE for biting. It's not worth it.