Monday, June 3, 2013

Fischer Family Update ~ NEWS!!!

The beginning of the year was pretty crazy for us as far the job situation goes. Lukas had a few interview opportunities come his way that we just couldn't pass up and both turned into viable job opportunities. One was an international opportunity that would have moved really quickly if it hadn't been for a cancelled flight to Europe which pushed everything back a few months. In the end, this turned out to be perfect timing because it gave the other opportunity a chance to catch up and I'm happy to say: LUKAS HAS A NEW JOB! And not just any new job, an AWESOME new job :)

Starting the middle of June he will be working up in PA for Siemens  He had an internship there before we met and he will be back in the same department. His time at CSC has been good experience and a great resume builder, but after 5 years and getting his MBA, it is time for him to move on and expand his career opportunities. 

We are soooooooo grateful for this huge blessing, especially as it is a big enough move up that I may get to stay home should we have children in the near future. That is definitely something I did not expect would be possible (school loans, they're a killer!) so I am overjoyed at the prospect... and terrified at the same time, thank goodness I'm not pregnant yet! lol 

Lukas is really excited for this new opportunity and I know he will learn a lot and grow at this new company and I'm so very happy for him. He has worked really hard and he definitely deserves this chance. 

It will be hard to not have him at work with me every day tho - I will miss him on the commute, for lunch break workouts in the gym, for little walks in the sun to warm up, etc. Having him in the same office and same department definitely has made the past 3 years of my first "real after college job" a lot easier and more comfortable and I'm very grateful for that. I feel comfortable and confident at work tho and have friends and good colleagues here so I won't be nervous or lonely or anything silly like that... but I will definitely miss all the extra "husband time" that I've grown accustomed to. At the same time, perhaps it is good that we have a little distance from each other during the work day ... it will be that much more exciting to see each other after work and maybe we'll have more quality time during the week at home together since we haven't chatted periodically throughout the whole day :) 

Aside from that super exciting change, we will also be moving in the middle of July. We will be getting a bigger 2 bedroom apartment that is much nicer ~ family housing instead of student housing, thank goodness... it is about time! lol It will put me only 10 minutes from work and push Lukas a little further north, even tho he will still have about an hour commute. The main attractions, aside from a little saved time, are the extra space, closet space, central air, washer/dryer, and dishwasher! After living in a hot, cramped, "student quality" apartment for the past 4 years, I am sooooooooooooo excited for this move! Sure, I wish we were moving to a townhouse or buying our own home... but I'm ok with baby steps! 

God has really been with us along the way, helping the right job situation be possible at the right time, as well as enabling us to move when we didn't think there would be space. I know He always watches out for us but after months (really YEARS) of extra prayers and wondering what He has in store for us or why certain things happened the way they did, it has been amazing these past 2 weeks to see how He pulled it all together. We are certainly filled to the brim with gratitude and love for a loving Heavenly Father whose plan is ALWAYS much better than our own! 

See.... I can write about something other than just running and whining about my knee, aren't you all proud? (I say that like someone other than my Dad reads this haha). Speaking of my #1 reader, stay tuned for a post on Dad's visit to Delaware over Memorial Day... and pictures! 


Amanda said...

Congratulations!!! Are you going to be in a new ward?

Sarah said...

This is exciting news! I'm excited to hear/see more about the new place!

Kellianne said...

Congratulations!! We are so happy for you :)