Friday, March 23, 2012

The weekly ramble...

That is basically what this blog has become, a weekly rambling update about the boring lives of the Fischers :) I promise we will get more exciting some day ... or atleast I hope so! haha

It has been a bit of a rough week for us actually. My grandpa passed away last Friday and even tho we knew it was coming soon, it was still a shock because of how quickly it happened. He has been battling cancer for the past few years and it recently came back too strong to fight anymore. He was only in his middle 70s, not ready to go at all and we were certainly not ready to say goodbye to him. Unfortunately he and my grandma live out in Kansas so I don't get to see them much and I was not able to go to the funeral either. Had a good chat with my dad last night and was happy to hear that there were lots of family and friends at the viewing and funeral to comfort my grandma and family. Hopefully will get a chance to talk to my grandma this weekend and see how she is doing. It is hard to say goodbye to those we love, but it is a sweet comfort to know that we will see them again one day. Even tho that knowledge doesn't make the pain or sadness any less real, it can atleast help with the healing a little bit.

Other than homework we really didn't get a lot accomplished over the weekend or this week - for obvious reasons. It was good to just relax and spend some time together tho especially as I wasn't feeling up to doing much more than that.

In other news - school is going well for both of us. Luke keeps getting A's on his tests and homework and I've been getting A's on my translation assignment so no complaints here! I am learning a lot from each text we do and even the mistakes are chances to grow so I appreciate all of my teacher's comments and corrections. Luke seems to be enjoying his classes even tho we'd really like to just ignore homework and go play in this unseasonably warm weather we've been having ;-)

Not much going on as far as running/training these days. I had a head cold for 2 weeks and then my knee hurt when I tried to run after that so I gave it a break last week. I finally hit the gym yesterday and got in a good 1.6 miles - (.5 warm up , stretch, full 1.1 run) and nothing hurt so I am going to try the same today on my lunch break. Hopefully if I keep doing my stretches and warming up I will able to start building on the mileage and start actually training again. So jealous to see Luke run his usual 5k at the gym each day - glad he is healthy tho and I know I'll catch up eventually :) Gotta get out there and run in the beautiful sunshine while it lasts! We have pretty wet Springs here so I'll enjoy the warm and dry weather while we have it!

The only thing exciting going on around here this week is that we are going on a double date with friends to see.... THE HUNGER GAMES! O yea - I am SO excited lol. I've read the whole series twice and I think it is going to make for a fantastic movie as long as they explain things well enough. 1 more day!!!!

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