Monday, March 5, 2012

I got in!!!

Some semi-exciting news - I was accepted to the MA Teaching English as a Second Language program at the University of Delaware for Fall 2012. This is the second time I've applied - I chose the MA German Literature program last time because they offered me an assistantship right away. That could end up being an issue this round as well because I MUST have an assistantship to be able to do this program. There is no way I can take 3 classes and work full-time, so without an assistantship, I have to pass on the program.

My Translation Certificate course is going well - so if I don't get an assistantship then I will just continue with that while working full-time and it will take me 2 years to complete. A long time for 6 classes, especially since another MA would take me just as long - but o well, either option is ok. Guess we'll see in a couple months if the PhD students left any assistantship money over for the MA students (not likely but I can still hope!!)

Speaking of school - I got a 98 on my first homework assignment for my translation class, yay! Everyone starts with a 100 and then you lose points based on errors or bad translation - I missed 2 points on one section that she didn't like but overall I can't complain about an A! This second week's homework has been interesting - mostly difficult due to the formatting and footnotes with technical terminology for the Birth Certificate and Transcript. We'll see in a week how I did on that one - still need to finish some things up tonight and turn it in. Have been miserable with a head cold since last Thursday and VERY unproductive as a result.

Luke has his first test today in his Project Management Certificate program - wish him luck!!

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