Monday, March 12, 2012

Sniffle, sniffle, sniff sniff :-/

Not a very interesting week around the Fischer houshold. I've been sick with a bad head cold for the past 10 days and still haven't gotten rid of it. I've been super tired and taking lots of naps, aka super lazy and not getting enough at home and on my homework accomplished.

Luke has been a trooper - taking care of the dog and some household stuff so I can rest up. He's also been good about going to the gym without me while I've been sick. Glad we can go again together this week tho!

Today was my first day back at the gym on my lunchbreak and boy was it rough! Luke took a few days off too last week because he was having some knee pain but I don't think his come back was as bad as mine today because he is a lot faster and stronger than I am. Either way, rough Monday in the gym for the Fischer clan :)

I am running at around a 6.3mph right now - that is an easier pace for Luke but I'm glad I finally climbed over the 6mph hump with him! I do not have time to do more than 2 miles due to my warm up/stretch/cool down/stretch that is mandatory if I don't want to get hurt, but at least I'm working hard for that whole time! I'd like to start adding on the miles but atleast I'm getting a little faster and am trying to stick with that for now. Hopefully I'll keep getting faster with time because our big goal coming up is a 10k in June - we want to run it in 1 hour so that would be 6.4 MPH - no slowing or stopping at all.

It is finally getting warm enough that we might be able to run outside together a few days a week after work - looking forward to that. I need to get more mileage in if I want to do that 10k in June and in general it is good for us to get out more without doing all the mileage at once.
It is also a great way to wind down after work and let go of some of the stress as well as spend some quality time chatting together, even if we only do a couple of laps. We'll see how the weather holds out.

My homework has kicked my butt this past week - legal translations = yuck! Hoping to finish that up tonight so my Tuesday evening  is easy and free for relaxing, napping (of course!) and maybe a class at the gym with Luke. Leaving plans open tho just in case this homework takes more time - which it very well may at the rate I've been going with it lately... blegh.

Luke had his first test last week in his certificate program - interested to hear how he did when he gets back from class tonight! Hopefully all of his hard work studying paid off - always hard on the first one to know what to expect.

O! A little bit of good news - we got a new blender last weekend! You know what that means - green smoothies for breakfast! Mmmmm :) So yummy in my tummy this morning! We decided to give up sugary treats for a week but at least a green smoothie is sweet from the OJ and fruit and doesnt' count against me! I'll take what I can get! haha

Wishing everyone a happy Monday - may your Friday come quickly! haha

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