Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lost in translation...

I definitely have been lost in translation for the past few days! My first homework assignment for my "German to English" translation course was a news article and let me tell you - most of the language might be simple but translating tone, jokes, and slang/local language is VERY challenging! It was a rough weekend due to some bad family news so homework was really not a top priority but between Saturday and Monday evening I was able to get everything completed as well as I could hope to and turned it in a day early. Today I am thinking a nap after work and then some chill time with Gina before the homework madness begins again on Wednesday.

This week our new assignment is "personal documents" which includes a birth certificate and a school transcript. Might not seem so difficult but the form is part of the challenge on this assignment - trying to make columns, charts, etc. in microsoft word so that my translation resembles the original text without the formatting being lost between myself and the client (in this case - the teacher). Should be interesting to say the least!

I am definitely enjoying the work, just not enjoying working full time and having homework in the evenings when I would rather be at the gym, crafting, hanging with friends, or just vegging... but that is life.

Luke is enjoying his project management courses as well. Half of the class is a lecture/discussion and the other half is a computer based project where they learn the software for project management. At least we are both taking classes and busy at the same time but that lucky punk will be done with his certificate in 3 months whereas mine is 6 classes and will take 2 years to complete, blegh. Definitely nice to have a husband that is as driven and motivated as I am - maybe even moreso because he procrastinates a lot less than I do haha.

One thing I really enjoy and appreciate is the fact that even in our Master's programs we never did homework on Sundays. It was ALWAYS a day of rest away from work and homework and while that made Saturdays and Mondays a bit busier (especially for me, the procrastinator), it was always nice to be able to count on that one day a week where we had no other commitments other than church and could finally spend some quality time together after a busy week of papers and tests. Was definitely nice to have the break on Sunday and just chill with Lukas and Winston after church guilt free :)

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