Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A little running and too much elliptical = my life

Welcome back to the "Tiffany talks about working out" show haha.

Honestly, nothing else is going on in our lives right now so this is really all you are going to get until we get a bit more exciting ;-)

Our boss's husband is the director of a super fancy pants gym in the area and we were able to get a free month trial - SWEET! I believe we are already in week 4 of our trial, crazy! It is an awesome gym with great facilities and classes but rather pricey. We have been going 3-4 times a week lately tho and decided that it is worth the health benefits, especially for me strength training as part of my rehab, and will try to sign up until the end of April. There is a hefty sign-up fee but if the director can swing it that we don't have to pay that (they do it off and on through the year, so it isn't so strange) then we will go for it. If not... well, it has been fun :-p

We have been enjoying kettlebell class and Luke moved up to the 20lb bells last week. I tried the 10lbers last saturday and was ok for part of the workout but had to use the 5lbers for the rest of it. I was SO SORE and needed to use the 5lbers the whole time yesterday in class, ouch, but I'm feeling good today so no permanent damage haha.

We branched out a little last week and tried a beginner spin class - torture, pure torture... but I think we will go again this week. Tonight we are aiming for the "butts and guts" class... will let you know how that is if we make it. Hoping for 4 classes total this week and 4 lunch breaks at the gym too. So far I've been to 1 class and worked out for 2 lunch breaks - doing good! Thank goodness Wednesday is a rest day on both accounts tho... I'm gonna need it!

I was able to run today on my lunch break - decided to go with the good ol "run .5, walk .2" scenario... couldn't quite make myself stick to it completely but I didn't run more than .75 straight and still did my 3 miles in 31:45 - pretty darn good for me! Half a mile of that was jogging at a 6.5mph pace which is a good push for me, leaves me winded but not wheezing like a fat kid... but I think I'll go a little slower on Thursday just to make sure I don't hurt anything.

Also picking up my prescription for PT sessions tonight from the doctor and will try to schedule a session for this week with the PT at the gym. It is actually a separate fully functioning practice, but for women only, which is kind of nice and nice that it is right there at the gym. Not planning on going more than once a month... can't afford it otherwise but hopefully they will be able to help me out a bit and get me on the right track to being stronger and running again.

We decided to give up hopes for a half marathon in April. I am bummed but I just can't start training this month without getting myself hurt and it isn't worth it. We are also spending our race money on the gym through April so it is good to wait. There is a race in Philadelphia on May 26th that I am still hoping to train for - will have to start March 4th so we'll see how things are at that point. If I can't do so much yet, we will do a 10k on June 16th and my goal for that is to do it in 1 hour. A consolation race for not being ready for a half marathon... I can handle it :)

Other than cardio and taking classes, Luke has been able to play some pick-up soccer games at the gym on Wednesdays which is great because that kid sure does love soccer :) There is also an indoor league beginning in April and you don't have to be a member to join so even when we leave the gym at the end of April he can still play. We also found out that an old friend organizes outside soccer games on Saturdays in the summer so that will be fun for Luke once the indoor season is gone. He likes working out and taking classes with me, but I know that soccer is so much more fun for him and I am so glad he can play again.

Next Monday Luke will be starting his certificate in project management at UDel and will be pretty busy and I start my translation certificate courses from NYU a week after that so between classes and the gym, we aren't going to be doing a whole lot. Not a bad way to spend the cold, wet days of Winter/early Spring tho so I can't complain.

All is well even if not changing much... grateful for no change if it means no bad changes ;-) Hope things are good or better with all of you too!


Elizabeth said...

Man, just reading about all of your workouts and classes makes me tired. Good for you though! I wish I had that much energy - but right now all I can do is walk, and even that leaves me winded :)

Tiffany said...

:) Working out on my lunchbreak is easy because I am sick of sitting on my butt and am already here so I might as well go to the gym, ya know?

Otherwise for another 45-60min class it is sometimes hard to get myself out of the house and to the gym and I am sure it will get worse when homework starts, but for now we have no lives so it works out haha.

Walking is good! :)