Monday, September 12, 2011

New favorite store - Delaware Running Company!

Last year Lukas and I went to Delaware Running Company and found out how we both pronate - one of us over and one of us under - and got new shoes that correct our issues. Mine took away most of my knee pain within the first week of running and his are pretty comfy too. 9 months and several false training starts later we are sticking to our half-marathon training and our shoes are holding strong!

Then, the DE Running Co. offered me a suggestion of the Feetures socks to solve my sore toes/sliding socks issue when I went in to browse/complain. I love them so much I bought a second pair on Saturday and refuse to wear any other socks while jogging.

And THEN, believe it or not.... to the rescue again came DE Running Co for my various shorts issues. "The legs ride up and my thighs stick, the top rides up way too high, if I roll them they are too short, etc." all solved by 1 pair of shorts! I bought these Adidas Marathon 10 women's running shorts on Saturday and took them out on a 5k that evening. It was super hot and the legs did not ride up at all - the silky material helped them slide on eachother and did not make my tighs stick together like my other shorts always do. They do ride up a little due to my exaggerated pear shape, but if I fold the band inside the shorts, they sit perfectly and feel great!

I ran another 5k with them today at work and decided I absoluately have to purchase another pair! DE Running Co had them on sale for 50% off and still has another color in my size so I'm going back today.

Happy happy girl with her new favorite store!

Thanks for helping me stick to my goals by solving my various wardrobe issues DE Running Company!

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