Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Alaska Report - Day 1 & Day 2

The following few posts will be re-caps of our FANTASTIC trip to Alaska over Labor Day weekend/week.

Day 1: We arrived around 8pm at MC's house after being picked up an airport with a stuffed (as in taxidermied) Polar Bear and Gizzley Bear and Arctic Wolf in glass display cases.... interesting...
Her little cabin (in the woods, on a hill, up 3 steep gravel roads) was SO cute and I am SO grateful that she did not have a "dry cabin"... aka DID have running water and an indoor flush toilet, wooo hoo! It's about the little pleasures in life I tell ya ;-)

She has a normal apartment downstairs and then loft upstairs with her bed and storage area up there. It was interesting climbing up and down a ladder every day to get up there, especially at 6am when I had just woken up to potty. There were no accidents of the pants wetting nor falling kind, thank goodness.

Due to the 4 hour time difference we were pretty beat and went to bed around 10pm... 2am Delaware time, yikes.

Day 2: After a chill morning and breakfast, we drove MC to school and then went to church. After an hour of church we left to explore Fairbanks... the booming metropolis that it is... not... ;-)

Adventure #1: Pioneer Park
This is a little tourist village full of cabins and huts and a museum and other attractions about Fairbanks' history. Hopefully you will enjoy the following pictures from our treck around there:


Ride the giant alaskan salmon at your own risk!

Apparently Salmon bite

When confronted by a blac bear, punch it in the nose!

Old steamboat that used to be fully functional

After wandering around Pioneer park for a bit, we headed up to the large animal research station and checked out a few furry friends:

Musk Ox

Nearby was the botanical gardens where we stopped to enjoy the beautiful sunny weather, even tho it was only in the 60s and crazy Alaskans were wearing shorts and tanktops!

Alaskan Giant Cabbage, yum!

When the mood strikes you, sometimes you just have to go for it :)

After those thrilling adventures we picked up MC and headed home for a fun cookout with a few of her friends. A lovely first full day in AK.


Millie Motts said...

Did the musk ox smell...musky?

Tiffany said...

We unfortunately could not get close enough to give him a good sniff ;-)