Thursday, September 1, 2011

Love affair with my gym socks...

If loving my new socks this much is wrong, I don't want to be right! I tried my new "feetures" - multi-sport light cushion - socks out at the gym on Thursday. My feet felt like they were being snuggled on the elliptical and bike. My 2nd toe on my right foot always gets a blister right by the nail and it hurts everytime I work out. Also, last week during our "practice training week" the bottom of my feet were getting rubbed by my old socks and were really sore. I took these lovely new socks on a 6 mile jog yesterday and had no sore toe, no sore feet, and even when I stepped in a massive puddle my feet were dry within 5 minutes while I could hear Luke's shoes and socks squeeking and squishing for a lot longer than that. Amazing! If these give me the same wonderful results on Fri & Sat I will def. be buying another pair after vacation.

So yea... 6 miles yesterday... it was hard but awesome! We went to Glasgow Park in Bear, DE which has a 2.6 mile loop - way better for long runs than the 1.1 mile loop by our apartment. We finished our 6 miles in 70 minutes - averaging 11:40 per mile - way better than my 12-13 min average last week. Not too sore today so I think I will do some light crosstraining at lunch, a 4 mile jog on Friday, and we should be ready for our 7 mile long run on Saturday. So excited - that is a little over half of our total distance and if I can do that on Saturday already with 8 more weeks to train, we can def. get ready for this half marathon in time. Yay! It feels so good to accomplish something you've wanted to do for so long and push yourself farther than you've gone before... I'm def. getting addicted :)

Saturday we also happen to be hopping on a plane and flying to Fairbanks, Alaska for the week. Even more excited about that than my run that morning ;-) My good friend MC is living there and working on her PhD so we will visit her for the week, go check out Denali National Park while she gets ready for a conference, and generally just enjoy visiting a new state and having a week off work - woot woot! :)

I'll probably be too tired and busy to blog on Saturday, so lets just assume I live through the 7 mile jog and unless I get eaten by a bear, I'll be back in Sept. with lots of pics and stories of our Alaskan adventure. Happy Labor Day weekend everyone!


Amanda said...

Claron is a Thor-lo addict.

Tiffany said...

Thanks for the tip - I'll check those out if my feetures every fail me :) I have one toe that refuses to heal and blisters everytime I do any type of work out... but otherwise my feet are still loving the feetures :)