Thursday, August 25, 2011

I would walk 500 miles.... but can I run 13.1?

This is the thought that is literally running through my mind constantly for the past few days. No, not men's legs haha... but running. Running a half-marathon to be precise. Insane? I think so... but can we do it? That is the  million dollar question.

I've wanted to run a 1/2 marathon for the past 2 years and everytime I've "tried" training, I get knee pain and give up. We bought good shoes last Winter and they have made a lot of difference in my knee pain and ability to run faster and longer. I am up to a steady 5k - still at turtle's pace but I'm ok with that. Luke and I have been working out 3-4 times a week at the gym at work and its helped a ton but really... I want more. And that more is a 1/2 Marathon.

So, step 1, pick a 1/2 Marathon - DONE! November 5th, 2011 - Amish Country Half Marathon in Lancaster, PA.

Step 2, start training - scary part! haha

Basically this is the plan... following a 9 week training plan until the end of Sept (1/2 way through the plan). If my knees can handle it up until that point, Oct. 1st we will sign up for the 1/2 marathon and keep pushing ourselves through training. If my knees need to train slower to not get injured tho, we will just go back to Step 1, pick a date for the spring, and train slower.

I really really hope that November works out tho. I'm soooooooooo excited about this goal and I really feel like I'm way more prepared this time to start than the last 2 times. I've not been this active for an extended period of time since probably freshman year of college and it feels great.

So, being a little over zealous, I ran 2.5 miles at work yesterday and then another 3.3 with Lukes after work and walked another .7. Seriously... am in insane?! lol I'm stiff and sore today and regretting it, but really, it was exciting ;-) We need to run 5 on saturday to get ready for week 1 of training beginning next week. Wish me luck! You can wish Luke luck too but I think he can already handle a 5 mile jog, especially at my turtle pace, its me that will need dragged the last mile haha.

(And expect a lot of blah blah blah training blog posts to come after this... sorry but if I'm thinking about it constantly, it helps to talk about it too.)

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Motivated Mama said...

YOU CAN DO IT!!! And you'll be SO glad you did!!!!!