Monday, August 29, 2011

Can I get some fries with that shake?

We made it through the earthquake... we made it through Irene... can we make it through Godzilla? Who knows! :)

We were very fortunate in our area - no trees down, no power lost, water is still running and clean. We even have a beautiful Sunday afternoon here - in the 80s, great breeze, took the dog on a mile walk and sat up at the reservoir for a bit just enjoying the weather. Many were not so lucky... keeping them in our prayers!

On Friday I took my entrance exam for the Certificate in Translation at NYU. It was online, timed, and very nerve wracking and I have no idea how I did nor when I will find out. I was shaking from nervous energy so I was super happy when Luke got home and we could go on our 4 mile training jog.
I'm still SO slow - averaging between 12 and 13 min miles which is so lame because I'm closer to 11 on the treadmill, even when I'm doing a 5k. No clue why there is such a difference but hopefully I'll get used to the pavement and get a bit faster. Luke is way faster than me but I'm grateful that he stays with me, way more motivating than jogging on my own. My mp3 player died and my charger is at work so it was hard enough to keep going already!

Saturday morning was super grey and overcast but since it was not calling for rain until noon I went on a 5 mile jog while Luke went to help a family move. I averaged around 13 min/mile again and ended up messing up my hips pretty bad - I've been walking a little funny this weekend due to sharp pains in my hips but it seems to be getting better so hopefully I can still go for my 4 mile jog tomorrow morning. So thankful for Sunday rest days, in all respects! Apparently I have too much hippie-hippie-shake for my own good haha ;-)

Grateful for jogging time with my hubby, grateful to have weathered the storm with no damage, and grateful for a beautiful sabbath day with Luke & Winston.

... o yea, they cancelled church already on Saturday morning. Why is it that being allowed to stay home from church is not nearly as fun as skipping? Opps... did I say that outl oud? haha. It was weird having no where to be today, espec. as the weather was just fine. I got some sewing done and a 3 hour nap in tho.. very productive :)

Hope everyone else had a lovely weekend! Anything of note you want to share?

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