Monday, February 14, 2011

Lukas' graduation, yay!

Wow... I am really bad about blogging on here these days. I have switched over to my craft/quilting blog @ - however I never post anything personal on there so I guess I need to pick up the slack here, hrmmm :)

ANYWAY... on to some awesome news... Lukas graduated with his MBA on the 30th of January! Woo hoo!!!!!!!!  His parents flew out from Germany to visit with us for a week and to attend his graduation which great and made the day all the more special for Lukas to be able to celebrate with them. I'm so proud of him... not only did he say he was done done DONE with school after his BA in International Business, he completed this Master's in a foreign language, while working full-time, and had an A GPA the whole way!

Other than that excitement - there is not really anything new going on here. Same apartment, same jobs, same big fuzzy dog, no additions to the family to announce now or anytime in the near future... same old same old I guess. But hey... no news is better than bad news I suppose :) .... if I happen to be browsing some pics later I will do some back-updates of the past 8 months but until then... enjoy checking out my crafts on the other blog and just email or call if you miss us :)

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