Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Graduation Day May 28th, 2010

I had a wonderful graduation day on Friday with my family and friends. I officially have my MA in German Literature, YAY! My dad drove out from Indiana, my Aunt Bonnie came from Tennessee, and mom and Lukas both took the day off as well to celebrate with me. It was a great (and short!) ceremony followed by a super yummy meal at The Cheesecake Factory. I received the graduate student award for excellence in the classroom, teaching, and for passing with honors on my comprehensive exams and my final GPA was 3.927... not too shabby ;-) Definitely glad to have finished so well and above all I am just glad to be finished!

We were able to spend Friday and Saturday with my parents and Aunt Bonnie and then Sunday again with my parents which was wonderful. I love having time with family, especially as I do not see them so often. It was a great weekend although busy and Im so glad everyone came out to celebrate this wonderful occassion with me!

My good friend Autumn graduated from the French department as well so it was great to share that day with her. I was also really happy that members of my German department came out to cheer for me. These grads are awesome and I know they will rock the comprehensive exams next year and hopefully I will be able to come cheer for them next Spring  as they graduate.

Not sure yet what the future holds... still have not heard back from CSC so I am getting a little nervous. I will probably have to start a real job search next week which is not going to be fun, I am sure. We are heading out to Kansas on Thursday to see my grandparents who are both not doing so well health-wise and it could be the last time I see either of them so I'm not even going to worry about anything else until after that trip.
I have a part-time job for the summer if needed and Lukas has a good job so we are counting our blessings and will hope for a good job for me to come up in the near future.

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Caitlin said...

Congrats!!! way to go! and congrats on the new job, too. i hope things continue to go well! :)