Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Amish Country Visit

We had rather cold, snowy weather while Lukas' parents were visiting at the end of January. On the day we went up to get them from the airport an ice and snow storm hit and we drove back home with white-out conditions. We were fortunate that their flight was not delayed, as it was one of the last into Philly that day due to the weather.

We did not have a shovel so the 6 inches of snow we got overnight was a bit daunting. Lukas was a wonderful husband and dug me out the next morning so that I could get to work, and then enjoyed a snowy day at home with his parents and Winston.

We got a shovel the next day so poor Lukas wouldn't have to use a bucket lid anymore and got both of our cars dug out the rest of the way. Fortunately that first dumping of snow was all we had to deal with so it was pretty manageable after a few days.

Even tho the weather took away most of our exploration opportunities, we made a sidetrip up to Intercourse, PA to check out Amish Country on the weekend. His parents have been up in Lancaster County, PA with us before but it is always a novel and enjoyable area to visit.

We visited a few of my favorite fabric and quilt shops, had a wonderfully yummy fresh made pretzel at "Immer Gut" (Always Good), and all in all had an enjoyable walk around town.

Here are some more  pictures to highlight our visit:

The ever present horse and buggy scene

I have a feeling they won't be stoping to fuel up here

This horse does not look quite up to the job... he must be German :)

And last of all... some pretty sweet Christmas Tree decorations :)

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