Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Winston Fischer 3rd

Winston Fischer 3rd! My first dog! I never had a pet in my life before and was actually a little bit scared of dogs as I never had any experience with them. Tiffany really wanted to have a dog and we finally got Winston this summer after talking about it a lot and Tiffy spending hours (maybe days ;) ) searching for a great dog for us. A mid size female dog was the goal and we found a big size male dog. A mix of Newfoundland and Labrador. We love him! He is a mellow dog and fun to hang out and surprises us with some barks every other day confirming that he has a bark indeed. He is very pretty with nice white spots in different parts of his body which makes him look even more friendlier and pretty. We got him when he was 45 pound and six month old and now he is 10 month and 75 pounds. We think that he will probably be around 90 pound when he is fully grown. We already went to Doggy school with him to teach him the basic. We still continue (trying at least) to train him at home with the method of positive training from the Doggy school. As he is still a puppy he loves to chew on people (luckily not on furniture) to show them how much he likes them. At the beginning he is very shy with everyone but if you leave him alone and bribe him with treats he warms up to new people. Once he starts chewing on people we know he likes them. One of the coolest thing is to come home on and have Winston wait by the door (he knows the sound of our car and comes to the door once he hears it) and being so excited to see us and have a big smile on his face. That definitely makes Home even more homier! It is def. not easy to have a dog and to take care of him but it is def. worth any effort. Besides going on long walks and playing fetch Winston loves to dance. He is def. a very fun dog even in times when he is licking your leg and the only thought you have is yuck. But that is his way of showing that he loves me ;).

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