Friday, February 5, 2010

More "baby" pictures...

You know how everyone who has a baby thinks that every single thing it does is just "SO CUTE" and needs to be photographed/videod and shown to the world? Well, that is how I feel about Winston :) SO... on that note... a few more pictures of my super cute puppy. He is a year old this month and around 92lbs but he still has the cutest little puppy face. He is super in love with all things made of string/rope but unfortunately he has amazing chewing powers and can rip everything and anything apart within minutes. We got him this large rope ball hoping it could withstand his gator-like jaws but alas, it too is dying slowly, being eaten and torn apart piece by piece. That is why it lives on the fridge and is only give to him when he is being really annoying and needs distracted, haha. But doesnt he just look so cute and happy playing with it?

Other than chewing things, Winston's second favorite love is running and jumping in snow, and most of all EATING it. When it is snowing he runs around wildly jumping at it trying to bite it out of the air. Hilarious to watch. When its already on the ground in mass piles he loves to lick it as he walks around. As Lukas put it, when he goes on a walk there are 2 types of tracks to be seen... paw and tongue tracks :) Here is a picture of Lukas and Winston in Winston's second big snow. We were gone for the blizzard that hit around Christmas but our friend Autumn sent us a video of Winston playing in it. Its horrible missing your "baby's" first snow, ya know?! Fortunately we got a good one on Saturday night in the 4 inches that came (and strangely got church cancelled?) so Im attaching that video too. It looks like Winston is more excited about attacking Lukas than playing in the snow, but I think he likes both. We shall see if the latest blizzard actually hits us today and tomorrow as bad as the weather reports say it will. If so, I can assure you there will be more snow+dog pictures to come, haha.

Speaking of the pending blizzard by the way... school has already been canceled for Monday, which was to be the start of the spring semester. Students are now going to move in Sunday/Monday due to snow so we get an extra day off, yay. I don't have school on Mondays anyway, just 2 night classes Tues/Thurs this semester, but at least I don't have to start doing my research assistantship until Tuesday or later... woo hoo!

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Sarah Brown said...

He is such a cutie!!! thanks for stopping by today=)