Thursday, June 25, 2009

A simply wonderful simple day...

Yesterday Lukas and I decided to go to the Newark reservoir to go jogging/walking around sundown. It is such a beautiful peaceful place to go for a walk, especially as the sun is setting. As much as I love Glasgow park, not having the noise of the cars on the road makes such a difference! It will be especially nice when Lukas and I move right next to the reservoir and can go walking/jogging there everyday, especially when we get an energetic dog that is going to need the exercise! :) It was nice to get a 6.2 mile work out in... but even better that for around 4 of those miles I got to walk and talk with Lukas and just enjoy the fresh air and peaceful setting with him. That to me is good quality time... just being able to unwind together, enjoy nature, and chat about our days.

Before we went on our walk I tried my hand at a 5 ingredient recipe I had borrowed in a magazine from my mom. Im pretty skeptical about cooking because I hate wasting ingredients and having things not turn out in the end but I figured I could spare 5 ingredients and give it a try. Suprisingly it turned out super yummy! It was a chicken and tortelli dish with peas and a yummy cream cheese with onion sauce. Sounds pretty impressive to me, since I cant cook at all, but it was super easy. The best part is I could leave the peas and chicken out of half of it, add mushrooms for myself, and both of us had a great meal we liked!

After my cooking experiment and our lovely walk, we watched Pink Panther 2 together. It was pretty funny... not as good as the first one but good for a sequel none-the-less. Such a wonderful and relaxing evening at home with my hubby... definitely a needed respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Ok my daily life is pretty easy and boring... but with school/work/life in general it seems like Lukas and I just dont have enough quality time together other than dinner and random tv watching before bed so I was excited for our "home date" :) Its the little things that make this life sweet and yesterday definitely did that and more.

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