Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cold lonely summer....

Ok apparently summer doesn't officially start until Father's Day but it had better warm up then on Sunday because Im so sick of being cold! Im free from classes and I still just stay inside and read all day because 1. Everyone moved away so I have no one to play with, and 2. Its so darn cold and rainy here there is no chance to play outside. Bah...

I guess that is what Im SUPPOSED to be doing this summer anyway, reading a ton of books and preparing for my comprehensive exams, but some entertainment or escape from my apartment atleast would be nice. ~sigh~

Im starting to realize just how much I miss having close friends around. I have several new "friends" from church and other places who are great to spend time with once in a while, but even they are mostly moving away or are busy with their own families and kids. Its hard to get to know people, especially when you either are married and they are not, or you are not part of the "mommy club" and they are. Now that Im not only busy with graduate school but also kind of in between both groups of people Im around, it is really hard to form stronger bonds with them and that makes me sad.
Life was much easier as an undergrad... more time to play and more people to play with.
And those people who I do have such strong bonds with I only get to see once a year, if Im even lucky enough to see them that often.

I was however fortunate in the past week or so to be able to spend a lot of time with my friend Judith before she moved to NYC since we were both free from grad school stress and that was fantastic. We went to Newark night, which was.... interesting to say the least. Had a few dinner and game nights, went to the gym, mostly random stuff but it was nice getting to know her a lot better. I really wish I would have had more time to spend with her during the school year because she is an awesome girl and a great friend and Im really going to miss her. Fortunately she is only 2.5 hours away right now and I will go visit her next month before she moves back to Germany :)

So yea, as Im obviously very blue and lonely right now, Im looking forward even more to our trip to Indiana over the 4th of July weekend. We are going to stop on the way in Ohio for a day to visit one of my best friends, Carla, and that is going to be so awesome. Wish I had more time with her but I will take what I can get! Then I get to see my friend of 10+ years, Becky, in Plymouth and my family so that is going to be great as well. I never thought I would be so excited to go back to the Midwest but I guess seeing the people I love there makes it a very exciting place to visit.

Other than my complaints, things are pretty calm (read: BORING) but good around here. Lukas just finished his second MBA class and now has a break for the summer for which Im sure he is VERY grateful. School isnt his favorite thing and Im really proud of him for going back and getting his MBA and doing such a good job at it. Its hard enough for me to focus completely on school, not sure I could do that AND work full-time. Definitely grateful for his sacrifice and effort, but so glad the poor kid gets a break to play during the summer too!

Now that Im done rambling/complaining, I suppose I should get back to reading. There is a nice stack of German books waiting to be read and studied and unfortunately they won't read themselves.

Here's hoping for sunnier days and looking forward to visiting friends soon and friends coming back to visit Delaware too!

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Caitlin said...

Tiff, it's rained EVERY day of June here (including today - when I was walking home from visiting someone - yea). I can't wait for summer to come, either.

Sorry you're swamped with books - and I think I kind of know the feeling - it's sometimes just hard to find a good and comfortable spot - everything is always changing (and if you aren't, your friends' situations are). I think it's one of those life struggles. Joy.

At least you'll get to catch up with some good friends this summer - that's great!