Sunday, April 26, 2009

There is sunshine in my soul today... and outside!

This weekend's weather is AMAZING! It was 88 yesterday, is 90 right now... but unfortunately Im stuck at home with a really bad headcold, ack! Thank goodness for Dayquil but there really is only so much it can do!

Fortunately Lukas and I were able to get over to Glasgow park and go for a nice 2.5 mile walk in the sunshine together and then enjoyed the sunny weather by doing errands and couch shopping, definitely a great relaxing Saturday. The first one in a LONG time where we havent had to do any homework, woo hoo!

Some good news other than the sunshine... Lukas and I for sure have a new apartment, woo hoo! I was getting really worried because the deadline was getting pretty close but fortunately we have a 1 bedroom + den apartment to move into at the end of July right before we go to Germany. Joy of joys, no more living in a tiny shoebox!! So excited that we will finally have more room to have people over, enjoy being at home, and even have a small spare bedroom in the den for when people come to visit, SUCH a nice upgrade even if it is still small by normal people's standards. AND that means I DEFINITELY get a dog August 15th which is SUPER awesome in my book :) Lukas is still warming up to the idea but he already said yes and wont back out now because he loves me... so hopefully eventually he will love our dog too :)

Another thing that made me happy this week... I got observed by my teaching coodinator 2 weeks ago, who Im super intimidated by. I had a talk with her this week about how that went and she said I was a great teacher, had a list of things that I did well in the classroom and her only comments for improvement were actually helpful and didnt make me self-concious and cry so I was super excited! AND I won a book award for my achievments in the classroom through the German club or something like that, so that is pretty cool too. Definitely awesome for my first semester teaching, espec. for someone who feels like passing out when speaking in front of a crowd! Definitely owe half of the success to my awesome students who did a great job paying attention and participating that day and who make my job A LOT easier by being such great students.

So there is my sunshine report for the day... in spite of being sick there is sunshine outside and sunshine in my soul... cant get much better than that :) (other than being healthy I suppose haha but hey, we cant have it all!)

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Caitlin said...

I hope you feel better quickly.

That's GREAT about the teaching eval.--congrats!!

And enjoy that nice weather - here it's windy and cold (for spring).