Thursday, May 8, 2008

My husband is AWESOME!!

So I have the best husband ever, just so you know ... and I will tell you one reason why:

On Monday I had my first midterm. There was this shark at Ikea that I really wanted and I told Lukas that if I got a 3 (about a B) on my exam then I get the shark. Well... it didnt go so well and I was REALLY disappointed afterwards and wrote Lukas about how sad I was and how I deserved the shark anyway as a consolation prize for sucking so badly on my test. I was pretty bummed out because I had studied A LOT for that darn test.

During dinner Lukas and I were talking about the shark and he said maybe we could get it this weekend, which was good enough for me. Then we were talking and I went to ly on our bed with him (nothing dirty, we just dont have a couch to sit on! lol) and something was crinkling under my side of the blanket so I flipped it over and there was Sharky with a bag of gummy bears in his big floppy mouth. I was shocked and so excited but mostly just grateful for the sweetness and thoughtfulness of my loving husband. After he got my second email about how bad my test went and how sad I was, he went to Ikea after work to get it for me to cheer me up. Definitely unexpected and so nice of him :)

So you see, I have a fabulous husband that takes great care of me....
Unfortunately.... he got eaten by a couple of sharks!

Fortunately he lived through it, hehe.
AND... today in class we got our grades for the test back and I did end up getting a 3! She graded differently than I expected and I also got some "lucky free points" along with half of the class because we accidentally wrote an answer that COULD be right in another context so she counted it. Lucky us! lol

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