Friday, May 16, 2008

Midterms are killing me... ahhhh!

So I have realized that I am not the most studious student there ever was... I really suck at studying and staying on task. I have a midterm on Monday and its like pulling teeth to force myself to sit down and outline the 70 pages that will be covered on the test as well as the 5 stories we covered outside of the main text. BAH! I am quickly running out of time but have only gotten through about 10 pages in the last few days... bah I suck lol. Its harder to study too when Lukas isn't around. I think that when I am lonely and bored its even more difficult for me to concentrate... I obviously need to get over that and get to business but "Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites" (10 book series on tape) and random shows online are way too good at distracting me lol. I am a graduate student, you would think I would have gotten over this procrastination and whining stage by now but nope, its as strong as ever :-p

Ok ok... a few more minutes of my break and then I am getting back to taking notes.. I swear!

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