Friday, May 9, 2008

Creepy men and wisdom teeth... hmmmmm

Ok, super creepy experience to share...
Wednesday I was on the way to the dentist to get one of my wisdom teeth out and as I was looking for the right street, a man walked by me and full on grabbed my breast as he went by. Seriously just reached around as he got next to me and grabbed me and then just kept walking. I yelled at him in German " what is wrong with you!" but he just kept walking. It was so creepy and scarey! What is wrong with people these days, seriously!
Then the rest of the day I was pretty freaked out anytime another guy got near me, which is pretty difficult considering I live in Europe where people don't know what "personal space" is and everyone walks everywhere which ends up putting me in A LOT of situations where men are just " too close for comfort". I guess I should be grateful nothing else happened but I'm still pretty paranoid walking around on my own. Hopefully that feeling will dull with time...

My dentist appointment afterwards wasn't so great either. They had to cut away the gums on one side of the tooth that was still overlapping and the numbing shots didn't work 100% so that was pretty painful. Then the darn tooth didn't want to come out and so one girl had to hold my head, the other one my chin, and the dentist was rocking the tooth back and forth trying to get it out. Pretty uncomfortable, that is for sure... I was trying my best not to scream or freak out but fortunately it finally came out. I have a really nice dentist and his assistants are great too, that is atleast one positive thing.
Another awesome thing is my dental insurance here in Austria... it covers EVERYTHING which is amazing because ours in Delaware really sucked and that is why I waited to get my wisdom teeth out here. I wish I would of know that before and I could have saved my mom a few thousand dollars last summer for my dental work! O well, anyway I'm glad to have my wisdom teeth out and my gums are healing well even tho its awkward eating and cleaning out the holes afterwards, ick! lol

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