Sunday, June 17, 2012

New fuel and new shoes!

We tried out some new fuel yesterday on our 8 miler - one was so nasty I could barely get it down but I'll be nice and not mention which brand/flavor that was.
We did find 2 new things we love tho and I ordered a box of each online last night!

For breakfast we had these Gu Chomps - Watermelon flavored - because we didn't have time for real food before our run but needed to make sure we had enough energy to get through the first 4 miles. Generally I would also get breakfast in too but we just didn't have enough time yesterday.

The taste and consistency was great - 1 package is 2 servings so we can split 1 between us which is nice. I felt nice and strong for the first few laps so I think we'll keep using these before our long runs from here on out. Not saying they will make you stronger or faster, but I did feel like I had enough energy to run 4 miles with nothing in my stomach but these. They also didn't upset my stomach which is saying A LOT because I have the most finiky stomach ever!

At mile 4 we took a Powerbar Gel - Vanilla flavored.

The taste was maybe a little too sweet but def. better than some of the others I've tried. The consistency is awesome tho - more liquid than gel and I didn't have to gag it down like the other one we tried and the ones we used last year. You can quickly drink 1/2, drink some water, drink the other half, a little more water - and get back out there. I really think I could get this down while walking too which is important, because those others there is no way I could have without throwing them back up. It didn't irritate my stomach at all for the next 4 miles which is fantastic and I felt like I had a good amount of energy even with those crazy hills.

We still need to find a way to carry our fuel with us when we do runs in town instead of laps at a park, and also for our races. Neither of us have pockets and I'm really not interested in the idea of a fanny pack. Any suggestions are appreciated!! :)

Now on to the best part of this post - our new shoes!! Technically we don't need new shoes until August but I found good deals online and decided to snatch them up while they were there. Our mileage has been higher lately on our current shoes but we can def. get by using them up until the race. My plan is to trade off between old and new shoes in August and then wear the new ones for the race in September. I'm also planning on using them for my 2nd round of training for our race on Dec. 8th which will either be a 1/2 or full marathon.

Luke upgraded to the Ascics Gel Cumulus 13. I read reviews that they are just as good as the 12 version which he's had 2 pairs of so hopefully he will like these just as much. We were planning on just getting another pair of our current version but I found the 13s for the same price as the 12s so it was a no brainer there. Here is what his lovely new shoes will look like:

He is excited to have a new and brighter color this time around. Hopefully they will work as wonderfully for him as his 12s have.

And now for my awesome new shoes!! Picture before the ramble haha.
These are not the exact color I was coveting - Osaka limited edition aqua with yellow along the bottom - but they are bright and fun and it is going to be SO hard to not use them until August lol.

These are the Mizuno Wave Inspire 8. I have the Wave Inspire 7 and really, I could have gotten my same shoes for $25 less than these. However, I read A LOT of reviews and everyone says the 6's were a better fit than the 7's and that the 8's went back the better fit and cushioning of the 6's. I couldn't resist and had to give them a try - and yea, the bright color totally won me over too!
I love my Wave Inspire 7's and have no complaints against them, but if people have been wearing several versions of this shoe and swear that the 8's are more comfortable - who am I to deny my feet that pleasure? :) 

Will let you know if I end up holding out an extra month to use these - maybe it is good for me that they are a pre-order and won't be out until July haha.

O! And speaking of shoes - I am still absolutely loving my Vibram Five Fingers!

At first I was only using them to walk the dog so that my feet could get used to them on an easy 1 mile lap. 2 weeks ago I decided to use them on a jog/walk with a friend at lunch and have absolutely no complaints. The foot strike and feeling are completely different than my Mizunos but I still felt stable and comfortable jogging in them. I tried them out again this week on the same route and still have no complaints.

We have a 2.5 mile course that I'm helping this non-running friend to run bit by bit so I think I'll keep using these shoes for that so my feet can slowly get used to them as we build up her ability to run a little longer each time. Right now we are probably jogging 5 minutes and walking 5 minutes so I'm definitely not overdoing it and setting myself up for injury. After the holidays in July we'll start jogging together twice a week so hopefully my good review of these shoes will last when I start putting them to more use.

That is it for my super long ramble about gear - keep your fingers and toes crossed for us that our training keeps progressing safely and I'll do the same for you! :)

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