Sunday, December 4, 2011

The running blues..

Runs this week - aka all I was able to do before my ITBS pain started - Tuesday1.6, Thursday 2, Friday 1.1, Saturday 1.25... LAME :(

After running a 5k at almost PR speed on Thanksgiving morning I REALLY thought this week was the week I was going to get back into running steady 5ks. Monday's run at the gym killed that and killed my mood for the day, that is for sure.

After Thursday's run I hoped that I could at least stick to 2 miles and work up from there... now I am not even so sure I can do that and it has me down down down :(

Guess all I can do is run as far as I can each day, stretch, and do those stupid strength training exercises at home that I hate... and hope for the best. We were supposed to start half marathon training in January after our Germany vacation but I know I won't be up to a steady 3-miler by then. Hopefully by Feb. 1st I can do 3 - 4 miles without any pain and start working up from there and start a 12-week half-marathon training schedule. If not, I will cry.. and whine... and you will hear all about it :-p

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