Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Germany here we come!!!

Some news that has nothing to do with jogging for once.... we are going to Germany for Christmas! Yay! We will stay there for about 11 days which will be a really nice break from work and nice for Luke to see his friends and family. Will be hard to stay with other people for so long but as it is over Christmas and New Years I'm sure the time will fly by since we will be so busy. We got non-stop tickets which is fantastic too... hate all of those layovers when we are flying overnight... makes it easier to sleep if you never have to get off the plane!

We have an awesome dog sitter that will come stay with Winston so I won't have to worry about him too much... even tho I probably will because that is what I do hehe. I will miss my big fuzzy dog but I'm looking forward to the vacation for sure!

15 days until Turkey Day - looking forward to seeing my dad and maybe my sister and her kids if they come too - let the insanity begin! :)


Millie Motts said...

Yay! Hooray! Wahoo! SO glad you guys are going to be able to go. Tell the Fischers I say hi!

Amanda said...

Let us know if you come to the land of Bayern! We'd love to see you, but we understand how crazy vacation can be.

middleagedrunner said...

Hey! New follower here. AWESOME about your vacation- should take your mind off your injury (which is such a huge bummer...) Get better FAST!