Monday, November 28, 2011

5k time again, yay!!!

First of all - I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! Ours was good - good family time, good food, and good deals on Black Friday - can't complain! My dad and sister and her 3 kids came out to my mom's house for a few days and we went down 2 days to see them all. Stole some time with my dad on Saturday to take him out to lunch for his birthday and chat which was really nice. Always good to see everyone more than just once a year :)

Thanksgiving morning I went out and ran a 5k by our house while the hubby played football. I was so proud of myself that I was able to make it the whole way AND I ran it in 33:25 - only 10 seconds slower than my PR from October! YAY! I had a bit of knee pain for the last half mile but I couldn't stop at that point - fortunately stretching and rolling it out helped a lot and I felt fine for the rest of the day.

I did end up walking 3 or 4 times because I was running too fast at first and I also had some knee pain towards the end and needed a minute to let it calm down. Even with those few short walks tho I still had a great speed for me. Leads me to believe that I am getting faster inspite of the break I had to take for ITBS recovery and gives me hope that I can get to my goal of a 5k in 30 min early next year - we shall see!

Training plan is as follows: 5k 2-3 x's a week - 2 days on the treadmill and then saturdays outside - not pushing the tempo too much, just building my endurance and muscles back up from a month of walk/run/walk/run rehab. Once we get back from Germany in January we will start half marathon training so I need to be at a steady 5k pace by then. Soooo happy that my rehab plan is going well - just need to make sure I keep strength training on my legs.

3.5 weeks until we leave for vacation in Germany! Unfortunately our dog sitter needs surgery so we are on the lookout for a new one. A little stressful but we have a few leads so hopefully that will work out. Def. don't want to be worried about our big fuzzy monster while we are on the other side of the ocean :-/ Looking forward to a nice long vacation and it will be nice to see Luke's family and friends for the holidays. He is getting super excited whic makes me happy - it has been 2 year since he was able to go home so I'm definitely glad we were able to afford it this year.

Hope everyone's between holiday time is going well - remember to enjoy the season and time with family and friends!

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