Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Test time is here!

Its so hard to believe that those 4.5 weeks already went by and I just took my written Master´s exam last week. It was pretty stressful to prepare for and although Im pretty sure that I passed and am taking the oral exam this Friday, I still have not heard anything from my teachers and I am getting a little nervous. I have a very full week of work and classes as well as Lukas´ induction ceremony into the business honors society on Wednsday... no clue when I am going to study for Friday! The written exam was difficult but not nearly as hard as the oral exam will be, as the written was rather open ended and left a lot of room for choosing my own works to discuss. Im getting super nervous every day but I guess all I can do is try to study bit by bit and hope in the end, Friday at 12.30 I will have something to say in front of a panel of teachers asking me questions about all of German literature for an hour, yikes!

Lukas is doing really great in school and Im proud of him for holding onto his 4.0 now through 7 classes. Im looking forward to his induction ceremony on Wednesday into the honors society. For someone who always told me how awful he is at school, he def. seems to be flourishing at Wilmington Univ. which is great. Im so proud of him for getting his MBA inspite of his negative attitude for school... it will definitely bless our family and increase our income as well as my chances of EVER being able to stay at home some point during our children´s lives. (Yes... those children I am still avoiding having and super freaked out by haha... but still, they are a future goal, even if a scary one, and its nice to know they will be taken care of by my hardworking husband and I.) Anyway, he is planning on doubling up on classes again one term this summer so that he can graduate at the end of the year which is fantastic. He will probably start looking for a new job which will be a financial as well as stress relief, since his company can be a bit frustrating at times. Who knows if we will stay around here... I guess we shall see what his current job offers when he has his MBA and what other companies in the area are looking for and offering. We are also toying with the idea of California because his brother lives out there, but Im not seeing it as a super realistic possibility unless if it was truly meant to be and the perfect job came along.

We shall see... that is all a while off. First I have to pass this exam on Friday, graduate on the 28th of May and find a job myself! Booooo to the real world, booooo :)

Otherwise life has just been a big ball of studying stress... not much interesting to report so I will leave it at that.

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Caitlin said...

Good luck with the test - you've been preparing for it for ages already, by taking all the classes you have. You can do it!!!!