Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My dirty little secret...

So do you want to know my dirty little secret?... I LOVE RUNNING! Its only a dirty secret because it has been pouring rain for 2 days and I went jogging on Monday in the rain but held out for the sunshine today. I had no clue that I loved jogging so much until I jogged 3 miles straight today and then walked another mile with Winston and Luke and just felt amazingly good! I think its a combination of sunshine and warm weather after all of the rain we have had, and the adrenaline from getting off my butt, away from my homework and books and studying, and just getting out and getting active. I love Spring because it gets me to put my cranky-pants away and look forward to Summer :) Yay for Spring!

4.5 weeks until my comprehensive exams... other than the occasional jog basically ALL I EVER do is read and study, read and study, read and study... with a little bit of sleep mixed in there. I will be so elated when my written exams are done on the 30th, my oral ones are over on the 7th of May and then by the end of May I will be completely finished with finals/papers/EVERYTHING and graduate! WOO HOO!!!

But until then... 4.5 weeks of grueling work and studying... ugh... I CAN DO IT... RIGHT?!
(Can you see why I was so excited to get outside for an hour today? :-p)

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