Friday, December 27, 2013

The dreaded "glucose test" and other pregnancy fun...

I had my one hour glucose screen today for gestational diabetes. I read a lot about it beforehand, which always seems to be a bad idea but I do it anyway ;-) Everyone was saying how nasty the liquid is that you have to drink but really, it tasted just like normal fruit punch and I kind of liked it. I'm no stranger to sugar tho so maybe my tolerance is high haha. A lot of people mentioned throwing up, getting dizzy, etc. from it which seems crazy to me after having just had it... but I guess everyone's body is different.

I am hoping I pass this screen test and don't have to go in for the 3 hour test. Obviously I also hope I don't have gestational diabetes, but the majority of people who fail the 1 hour screen and go in for the 3 hour test don't have it and pass just fine... so I'd rather avoid that part all together. I don't want to take a half day off work for another appointment, and I especially don't want to get blood drawn 4 times in a 3 hour period! Keep your fingers crossed that I don't hear anything on Monday from the Doctor's office because no news = good news!

Otherwise, things are progressing just fine on this little journey called pregnancy. I am in my 3rd trimester now and have only 13 more weeks to go! When I say "only", that is just relative to the 40 weeks total... it still feels like FOREVER!!

Henry is moving around a lot lately which is mostly fun, sometimes a little uncomfortable, and most definitely distracting at work. He is measuring normally during my appointments and his heart beat is nice and strong so nothing to worry about as far as we know. I'm not having any abnormal symptoms... just lots of cramping from ligament stretching which ranges from painful to uncomfortable and really puts a damper on my nights and weekends... but o well, what can you do.

I was a bit concerned that I've gained so much weight already and still have 3 months left to go but the doctors are not concerned at all since my weight was low for my height when I started and Henry isn't measuring too big or anything like that. I've been working out a lot more lately, getting in 9-12 miles of cardio a week during my lunch breaks, but even that doesn't slow down the weight gain so I give up. I figure after the holidays I'll go back to eating healthier, keep working out... and it is what it is in the end. I already have plans for a half marathon in the fall and a full in December if all goes well so at least I know I will be motivated to get off my butt and work out when I'm allowed to again after delivery. Even if it doesn't change the scale any, working out def. helps me feel better - physically and mentally - during this trimester so I'm glad I have that opportunity to go to the gym on my lunch breaks.

All in all, I'm definitely ready to be done with this pregnancy... it hasn't been awful but it sure hasn't been fun and not sure it is something I want to/will repeat in the future. On the other hand, I am soooooooooooo not ready to have an infant in the house, so maybe I will trying to enjoy the next 13 weeks of non-parent status a little more ;-)

My mom thoughtfully gave us some gift cards for a few more date nights before Henry gets here in March so we'll be taking advantage of those opportunities for sure. Tomorrow we are going to see Part 2 of The Hobbit. As much as I love going to see movies, I dread trying to sit still without lying down or taking a bazillion bathroom breaks during a 3 hour move... but hopefully it will be fun anyway :)

That is all for my second trimester update. If I feel chattier you may hear from me in the next few months and if not... get ready for a "Henry is here!!" post in March/April :)

Happy New Year everyone ... hope 2013 treated you well and 2014 starts off swell!!

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