Monday, May 14, 2012

Let's try this again...

I don’t want to jinx myself but I’d like to report that I am finally running again!! Last week I started a new interval training style – running 5 minutes and walking swiftly for 1 minute. This is taking the stress of my joints and muscles while allowing me to add on mileage and get used to running again. I read about this interval training while researching ultra-marathons. Most people can probably do 10:1 if they are training for a normal race and not an ultra, but since I’ve been hurt so many times lately, I want to be more cautious. I’m also rolling and stretching before and after I run, which is loosening up my tight IT band and calf which also seems to be helping a lot ( thanks for the advice Kim!!).
Last week we were able to do 2.2 miles on Monday, 2.3 on Thursday, and 3.3 on Saturday. This morning was a slow and rough 2.2 because I ran down a hill at the dog park yesterday and tweaked my knee a little but it seems like it will be ok. We are going to start training 4 days a week because there is a 10k I want to do in 5 weeks and I really think we are going to be able to do it if I stick to the plan we wrote up.

Unfortunately since we are walking twice during every 1.1 mile lap, that means my pace is slower – on a good lap it takes us 12 minutes which is a little under an 11 minute pace. I just have to keep reminding myself that it is ok and I need to focus on being able to run, not on speed. 2 weeks ago I couldn’t run more than a mile without pain so I just need to be excited for the progress and not stress too much about my speed.

Ultimately I’d like to get to a 11min lap because that would be a 10 min pace even with our walking segments, but that means I’ll have to push my speed a little day by day during this training. I think since I’m walking 1 min after only running 5 minutes, it is ok to push my pace a little so we’ll see how that goes. I was totally dragging this morning but maybe Wednesday will be better ;-)
Obviously this is still super slow for anyone who races on a regular basis but coming off of being injured off and on since last Sept, I’ll take it! Hoping for a 65 min finish for our 10k but even if I only do it in 70min (my current pace) I’ll be ok with that – just want to finish and not be in pain! Wish us luck!!

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