Thursday, January 12, 2012

A new year, a new start, & new shoes!

It is a new year and I feel like my workout goals are off to a GREAT start! I ran 5 days last week - only 1.5-2 miles and then some elliptical and weight work around that, but it felt great! I will only get in about 3 days of running this week because I've been so busy but I am getting in 2-2.5 miles a run and still feeling good.

While we were in Germany we went running twice but I kept it at 15 minutes and a comfortable pace - probably around 11min/mile. I didn't want to push it after taking 2 weeks off completely but I needed to start somewhere. Started up again at jogging only 15 minutes last Monday to start off the new year and have been adding on around 1 min/day. No ITB-knee pain so far and I feel like my endurance is getting better and I am getting stronger. 2.75 miles yesterday (including .35 walking at a brisk pace) was a tough stretch - esepcially pushing myself to run 2 full miles before taking a .1 mile walk break was rough but I did it. I am getting around a 10.5-11 min/mile average pace which isn't so bad, especially with the walking breaks here and there. Just doing my best to take it slow, build up slowly, and listen to my body. If all goes well I will be up to 4 miles by the first Saturday in February and ready to start 1/2 Marathon training the first full week in Feb - wish me luck!

To help with this new start to training, Luke and I both got new running shoes. Instead of upgrading to this year's model, we decided to save 50% and get the same model we currently have. I was REALLY lucky tho and was able to get mine in PURPLE! Happy happy joy joy haha. Have started slowly breaking in these babies during my rehab runs so that they will be nice and comfy for when I start 1/2 marathon training again. It is fun having a new color and "new" shoe with it still being the same model I am used to and comfortable with.
Def. good to not get swept up in the "I need the new color and enhancements!" craze, especially when those enhancements don't make much of a difference if your old model was super comfy already, and it sure saves a lot of money on expensive running shoes especially when you need 2 or 3 pairs a year!

Hope your goals are off to a good start this year and if not, you have plenty of time to work on them so get started today! :)

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