Friday, March 20, 2009

Florida Trip Update!

Its totally been FOREVER since Ive posted, holy cow... Im not really sure anyone reads this all that much tho so maybe I dont have to feel so bad, haha.

Anyway, in January we had a great week long trip to Florida to visit my friends Sam and Lindsay. They are awesome and it was nice to have some warm weather although unfortunately it was rather cold while we were there... but we had 2 sunny days and it was warmer than Delaware so I cant complain!

We went to St. Augustine and checked out the beach one day and also got to drink from the fountain of youth! No joke... crazy tourist trap, nasty water, but hey... atleast Im going to live forever, right?! lol

Lukas and I went to Sea World which was AMAZING... seriously one of the coolest places I have ever been...amazing shows. I recommend it to EVERYONE!

Otherwise we visited Sam´s school, saw a butterfly garden, saw some gators, and generally just had good times hanging out with our friends and enjoying the vacation.

TONS more pictures on Facebook if you are interested... and if you arent on Facebook, well then, I guess you just arent cool enough to see the rest of our pictures then! (Yea mom, that means you... if dad, aunt bonnie and uncle john even all have facebook you know you are falling behind! haha)

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