Monday, July 28, 2008

Chapter 2... Newark, Delaware

And now we are back in Delaware and enjoying a nice long vacation period. We are living with my mom for about 8 weeks, half of which is up at this point. We flew in the 3rd of July and had a relaxing 4th of July shopping, napping, and just being glad to be back in the good ol´ USA. The following Thursday we headed to Indiana to visit family and friends. My sister Emily came up from Indianapolis, my since-junior-high-close-friend Becky came up also to visit us and brought her new baby Brooklyn with, and we had a nice time with my dad and Audrey and her kids and of course I was happy to see my puppies :) hehehe. It was also nice to go to church at my old ward and see some longtime friends and acquaintances from my childhood. All things considered it was a nice trip.

Back in Newark we have been relaxing, reading, swimming (thanks to my fabulous friend Sarah and her extra pool pass!!) and just chillin' the days away. It has been nice seeing my mom and friends and spending time with all of the above.

The best news of all however... after only one interview and one week of hardcore job searching and applying Lukas has a job! My bishop from my student ward at church owns his own business, a rather successfull business called CSC, Corporation Service Company, and he was nice enough to set Lukas up with an interview. After a 2 hour interview with more than 4 people he was told that they would let him know the following week. By his own merits he landed a great job with great benefits and I could not be prouder :) He starts on August 4th so we only have one week of vacation left but we are incredibly grateful for this new job and the huge blessings brought by its swift acquisition.

On Friday we headed to the beach since it was one of our last opportunities before Lukas starts work. We had a nice time shopping the outlet malls and a beautiful sunny and relaxing afternoon in the sand. Saturday we spent the afternoon playing in the pool which was rather nice as well. This next week we have lots of fun plans, especially as tomorrow is my 25th Birthday, wooo hooo! More to come as the fun events of this week unfold...

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Lórien said...

Just checking out your blog! I will have to send you a link to mine since I stay on the DL :-) Your life seems so busy but so fun!