Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Wellllllllllll hello there...

Wellllllllllll hello there to all my family, friends, and random "interested readers" (that is politically correct for stalkers, right? haha)
I decided that I wanted to try out a new blog as my other one hasn't been used in o, FOREVER and also that large pink cat on it was REALLY annoying me! If you have never seen it before I probably sound crazy but if you have seen it, yea, you know what I mean lol.

Anyway so to get up to speed, I am in my second semester of my MA-German with BGSU and studying abroad in Salzburg, Austria. While the Alps are ever beautiful and impressing, the weather has been rather lame this time around and Im getting rather annoyed with the constant grey and rain. Just as I'm thinking of moving back to Russia where they MUST have at least a LITTLE more sun than here, the sun comes back and smiles on us poor valley-dwelling folk for a few days. Unfortunately those few days were a few days ago and darn it, I'm not a patient person! Come back sun... please!

On to more informational ramblings, so yes... Austria... classes are great this semester. A lot less stressful than last semester which is fabulous for my sanity, health, and the safety of Lukas. (I have found that German grammar gives me quite a temper much to the dismay of my poor husband. Fortunately the rantings of "I hate this flippin' Language!!" have lessened in frequency this semester and life is much more bearable in the Fischer household :))

Lukas is working with a friend of ours from church which has been a HUGE blessing. It was rather frustrating for us for a while, and super stressful as being poor is one thing, being negatively poor is much worse and so I'm glad we didn't get to that point. We are saving all we can in the next few months now that he has a full-time position and we are both very much looking forward to moving back to Delaware this summer where his job prospects will be MUCH more favorable I have a feeling. In our area they were just not interested in recent college graduates. They loved his credentials and thought he was a wonderful candidate and he got a lot of interviews, they just continually asked for more experience and therefore passed him over often for older candidates with experience. Im still not sure how they expect a college graduate to get experience ever if no one will hire him for that reason, but hey.... who I am to tell this silly country how to run itself :-p

So for now I just have to survive the next 9 weeks of graduate school and then its on to sunny Delaware to start a new path for these traveling Fischers... stay tuned!

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Lórien said...

Welcome to the blog world!!!! I love blogspot - hope you do too.